• 17 Oct 2019

    Smart Cities and Communities conference

    Organiser: Others

    Organised by the Smart Cities & Communities network, the 8th edition of the conference will take place in Lyon on 17th-18th October 2019. It will combine three approaches:

    • allowing the groups to explore in depth the various topics;
    • co-create or make together a solution that can provide a joint deliverable which will be a "standardized approach" to solve the problem at the heart of the solution;
    • be in a position to be challenged by a structured approach aiming to make the solution bankable not only for the investment community but also for city decision-makers.

    Working groups will be focused on the following topics:

    1. Building energy retrofit,
    2. Urban data platforms & services
    3. Renewable energy infrastructures in urban areas
    4. Urban mobility,
    5. Well-being in the city

    This event will gather:

    • partners involved in the Smart Cities & Communities network (lighthouse cities, follower cities, industry, academics and research institutes, associations, consultants)
    • representants of financial institutions (public and private),
    • members of the Club Cities (led by Energy Cities),
    • and many other stakeholders involved in smart city projects.

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